The Diary of Mary Bliss Parsons: Some Definitions and Explanations

Although this series of books is not entirely meant to be of a “Christian” nature, increasingly, it is being referred to as THE “Christian Allegory for our times”, not unlike The Chronicles of Narnia and The Lord of the Rings, are allegorical for their own times. This is not surprising, given that a large number of Christian terms, metaphors and analogies, are woven together throughout the pages of all three volumes of The Diary of Mary Bliss Parsons.

Many readers have already discovered this aspect of the Allegory, but there are those who have not. Therefore, in order to make it easier for our readers to understand the depth and scope of the books, we are providing the following suggested definitions and clear explanations for many of the symbolic and metaphoric words and concepts. If you are not of the Christian persuasion it matters little, the analogies are still universal and you may still appreciate what is revealed in this article.

In any case, every reader of this book series will be able to discover a reflection of their own spiritual journey, as the books are specifically designed to open the inner minds of all humans everywhere. For those of our readers who are Christians, we are providing Bible references for you to make further comparisons on your own.

THE ONE – Is the Name that is often used for God in the books, however, “God” is also used, as well as, Creator, Great Spirit, and Great Mystery.

AWAKENING – A rebirthing experience (John 3:3-5), analogous of becoming a TRUE “new creation.” Having been given a Higher Truth, the person is now ready to become not just a witness for this Truth, but one who LIVES it. From a Christian perspective this would be analogous to exhibiting Romans 12:1,2 in their daily life and not just talking about it.

ANNICA – Can be compared to the Garden of Eden. (Genesis 2:8)

HECTARUS – Think “Heaven.” (Revelation chapters 21&22; John 14:2)

FAMILY TRIAD – Think powerful Angelic Beings placed on Earth to deliver a dire warning to this world. Think, Prophets or voices “crying in the wilderness” of a human culture that is Godless, self-centered, superficial, and out of control. John the Baptist also comes to mind here. (Matthew 3:2)

CREATION FREQUENCY – An energy pattern/flow with a Divine Frequency streaming down from Hectarus/Heaven, moving throughout the entire universe, controlled by The One/God/The Holy Spirit. The Creation Frequency is what stimulates all life, and the growth process, and sustains health and Healing on Earth. It is the same energy force described in the Book of Genesis, chapter one.

GREAT TREE OF LIFE – Different from the Creation Frequency, the Tree of Life is an analogy for how God’s Spirit orchestrates and accomplishes Healing in human bodies and emotions. (Revelation 22:1,2)

HECATE – This one calls for a bit more clarification. First of all, notice the word is spelled Hecate and not Hekate, which is the original Greek form of the name of the ancient Goddess, Hekate. This change is intentional on our part in order to separate and distinguish between the two.

I am sure that most people reading our books believe in Angels. As stated in Volume 3 there are only 2 types of Angels mentioned in the Bible: Archangels and Guardian Angels. (Yes, there are Cherubim and Seraphim and etc., but we are referring only to the Higher Angels.) All of the other angels mentioned by humans in their quest for something of a supernatural experience simply do not exist and never did, regardless of what many New Age proponents profess.

There are only 2 Archangels mentioned in the Bible, Michael (Revelation 12:7) and Gabriel (Luke 1:16). Gabriel is the Angel of Divine Messages and Healing, and Michael is the Angel of Destruction and Might – which can also be forms of Healing, as well, in that total destruction, to God, is often a form of cleansing and Healing (consider Sodom and Gomorrah, and The Flood.)

In The Diaries…, “Hecate” is like a third Archangel that is not mentioned in the Bible – more of a Great Being or Energy Force that is in charge of creation and the sustenance of life on all worlds. It must be understood that in the ancient days, humans were terrified of the natural elements, the forces of the night, and of the energy that caused physical destruction in their world. They were terrified of earthquakes and tornadoes. They were in awe of the force of LIFE itself – just what was it that made things grow, let them breathe, and allowed them to reproduce? It did not take long for their fears to develop into superstitions, and for their superstitions to manufacture religions, gods and goddesses. Hekate is the oldest “goddess” known to human history, constructed to be the personification of all those natural energies and life forces rolled into one. We chose that name, changed it to Hecate (with a “c”) for purposes of literary license, and used it as a principal figure to help aid in the continuation of our storyline – not unlike C.S. Lewis who used a lion to represent Jesus in The Chronicles of Narnia, Tolkien who used a wizard named Gandalf to represent the forces of good in the Lord of the Rings, or Baum who used Glinda the “Good” Witch to represent the energy of “goodness” in The Wizard of Oz.

We also chose the name Hecate, because those ancient and terrible forces of life and nature were also associated with “witchcraft” to the peoples of old, and that fact would mesh nicely with the plotline of the first volume of the our series. Again, no different than how J.R. Tolkien, C.S, Lewis, or L. Frank Baum used witches and supernatural beings to support their plotlines. The big difference between us, and those 3 authors, is that we explain very clearly in Volume 1 of the series, that our books have very little to do with “witchcraft”, and we even drop the witchcraft image completely after Volume 1. In fact, Volume 3, Beyond Infinite Healing, is entirely concerned with the miracles and healings of God.

STRONG WITCHES OR “WEET” – The word “witch” was changed to “Weet” in Volume 2 in order to remove the initial images of “witches” from the readers mind. “Weet” are now identified as followers of The One True God, preparing to use the purity of their faith and their zeal to accomplish the reparation of the human culture. As described in Volume 2, the Weet are ministering “Earth Angels” of sorts, with Divine orders to assist in the saving of this world. (Matthew 28:19)

GATHERINGS OF THE STRONG WEET – Symbolic of the purity of the first gathering of believers centuries ago – when two or more would come together in God’s Name for the purpose of doing God’s Will. (Matthew 18:20; Hebrews 10:25)

MONK’S MOUND/ANCESTRY – A call for the knowing or being aware of the history of the faithful people who came before and who walked within the Will of God. A recognition of the “great cloud of witnesses” found in Hebrews 12:1, or the importance ancestor-respect found amongst the Native American, as well as ancient spiritual cultures.

INTERFUSION – The TRUE infilling of the Holy Spirit, not just claiming it, but living Him. (Acts 2:38)

WOOSHES – Specific experiences placed, by God, within an individual as needed for communication, direction, action, or clarity. (Acts 4:31)

25–YEAR COUNTDOWN – Signifying the Last Days of Humanity on Earth leading up to the Book of Revelation experiences and all they produce in humanity as well as to the Earth. Very clearly the “End Times” as described by Jesus, in His Olivet Discourse, found in Matthew 24, Mark 13, and Luke 21. Whether one is a Christian or not it is easy to see that the contemporary culture is hurtling toward some sort of cataclysmic disaster which will be upon it very soon.

MARY BLISS PARSONS – Obviously, Mary was and is the primary “hook” used to draw people to the books. But more than that, Mary is a visionary, an Angelic Being, and a Prophet, all rolled into one. Her full identity is left to the imagination of the reader. She is the ancient prophet telling the tale of the future of the world, issuing forth the initial dire warnings as did the Biblical prophets of old. Think Isaiah, Jeremiah, or Daniel.

HUM – The vibratory manifestation of God’s Will found within this third dimension, bringing to mind the Holy Spirit as the source of healing, gifts and power. (1 Corinthians 12; Romans 12:6-8; Galatians 5:22,23)

HECATE’S APPEARANCE DURING A THUNDERSTORM – This evokes the image of Elijah, or any dramatic appearance of a Prophet or Archangel found in the Bible. It is meant to remind the reader of the power and majesty of God and those He sends to Earth as His representatives. Think Elijah and the whirlwind in 2 Kings 2.

PROPHECIES, HEALINGS AND MIRACLES THROUGHOUT ALL THREE BOOKS – They are REAL, and speak for themselves. Since Volume 1 was released in 2011, the Prophecies given in that book have either come true or are in the process of coming true – there is a record of 100% accuracy for the prophecies in all three of our books. The Healings and Miracles found throughout the books, especially in Volume 3, are TRUE. Most are a matter of record and substantiated by witnesses and medical practitioners. All of this gives one pause – could this Allegory for OUR time be far more important to this culture than the fantasies written by Lewis, Tolkien or Baum? It should also be noted that C.S. Lewis, J.R. Tolkien and L. Frank Baum, did NOT provide outlines like this one for their books. Nor did they ever give scriptural references for justifying their books as “Christian” Allegories as we do here.

By no means is this a complete reference for all of the Christian metaphors and analogies found within our allegorical series. It is only a partial list of some of the more obvious comparisons. We would hope that you, the readers, would be able to use your own thoughts and persuasions to find many others. If you do, please feel free to mention them on this website, or upon any of our Facebook Pages. It is our hope, as well as our strong belief, that The Diary of Mary Bliss Parsons, will one day become just as well-loved as the works of Tolkien, Lewis and Baum. It is clearly far more “Christian” than any of those author’s works, and yet, it can also be an allegory for any other spiritual persuasion on this planet. It is much more complex than mere “allegory,” for it has its genesis in another place and another time.

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