About Us

THE BLISS-PARSONS INSTITUTE is an umbrella organization comprised of writers, scientists, artists, educators, and theoreticians of many different convictions and persuasions, who offer their thoughts and experiences via blogs, articles, seminars, and a variety of books and music available as downloads or CDs.

We are a warehouse of independent thinkers – a kind of “think tank” – the primary purpose of which is the exploration and expression of History, Culture, and the Fine Arts.

B-PI is not affiliated with any organization, church, religion or philosophy.

Inspirational Speaker & Author

DH and Friends ca 1968

DH and Friends ca 1968

Dr. DH Parsons, founder and president of the Bliss-Parsons Institute is the author of several books. He has attained University and Institute awards and degrees that include a Master’s degree in Public Education, and a PhD in Comparative Religions. He has served as a Public School teacher, a Public School Administrator. He is an internationally recognized intuitive, and is currently presenting as  an Inspirational & Empowerment Speaker throughout the Mid-Western United States.