The Family Blogs

Meet the B-PI Family. Here you will discover a wide diversity of thought concerning the world around us and our place in it.

Each of our contributors will be offering regular insights from their own personal perspective ranging from the Spiritual, Philosophical, and Metaphysical, to the Historical, Analytical, and Scientific.

Dr Trevor Hawkeswood copyMeet Dr Trevor  J. Hawkeswood, naturalist and scientist by nature, training, and profession. As such, Dr Hawkeswood applies his analytical eye to the wonders of creation observable in the normal, physical world, as well as to aspects of the paranormal and metaphysical realm he has encountered in his journey through life. (You can learn more about Dr Hawkeswood and his life’s work at his website, Calodema.)


Lori SchulzMeet Lori Strunk, host of a radio talk show exploring the realms of the paranormal and metaphysical. Deep Faith and the ability to see beyond the limitations of this world have given her the strength to rise above the trials of Life and to find the Blessings beyond the pain. (You can listen to Lori at The Dirt.)