Book Review: The Lost Revelation – Volume 2 of the Diary of Mary-Bliss Parsons

D.H. Parsons and Elise Brion, authors. All Things That Matter Press, USA, 2012

Reviewed by Dr. Trevor J. Hawkeswood, author: Light and Dark: My Experiences with the Paranormal (Balboa Press, USA)

the-lost-revelation-the-diary-of-mary-bliss-parsonsThis is a continuation of the first Volume of the diary of Mary-Bliss Parsons which has been reviewed previously by me. At the start of this book, the reader is provided with a brief summary of Volume 1. Din Parsons tells the reader a bit about himself. He is an all-round talented man who has been a school administrator, a history teacher, an artist and the founder of the Bliss-Parsons Metaphysical Institute in Missouri, USA. He is also a very talented writer as is displayed by his two published books so far. He explains how he came to be able to channel the spirits of Mary-Bliss Parsons and a daughter, Annie.

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Book Review – The Strong Witch Society: Volume 1 of The Diary of Mary Bliss-Parsons

D.H. Parsons, author. All Things That Matters Press, USA, 2011.

Reviewed by Dr. Trevor J. Hawkeswood

The Strong Witch Society: The Diary of Mary Bliss Parsons, vol. 1Mary Bliss-Parsons was a witch who was brought to trial at Boston, Massachusetts, USA in 1675. In those days if you were a woman and looked either sexy or strange, you may have been classified by the townspeople as a witch. This meant that you were in certain dire trouble- a trial ensued and the result was usually a hanging, because the society then was just as corrupt and evil as it is today despite advanced technology. However, they were more superstitious.

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Dr. Trevor J. Hawkeswood – Light and Dark: My Experiences with the Paranormal

Light and Dark: My Experiences with the Paranormal by Dr. Trevor J. HawkeswoodCongratulations to Dr. Trevor  J. Hawkeswood on the publication of his new book, Light and Dark: My Experiences with the Paranormal, Balboa Press International, 2013.

Trevor J. Hawkeswood is a scientist who has experienced hundreds of paranormal events in his lifetime. In Light and Dark, he recounts some of these incredible interactions.
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